With nearly 1,000 recognised franchises in the UK, franchising is a well established expansion model for company's looking to expand, whether in the UK or Internationally.

The team at Business Options has over 20 year's experience in the world of franchising, as both consultants and as franchisors. We are in the unique position of being able to create franchise models that work in practice and understand the operational factors involved in managing networks of franchisees.


Franchising is a method that allows companies to expand without large capital outlay. The franchisor (you) grants a licence to a franchisee giving them the right to operate a business under your name, using your operating systems, methodologies and know how, for a set period of time. In return the franchisor normally receives an initial licence fee that covers your costs associated with franchising the business, and an ongoing royalty / management services fee.

The 5 Phases of Franchising ™

Phase 1
Franchise Development Model
Assesses the viability of franchising your business and creates the detailed Franchise Model which all of the other phases of your franchise development refers to.

Phase 2
Infrastructure Development
Creates the systems, processes and documentation required to successfully manage and run your franchise network.
Phase 3
Franchise Recruitment
Creates your franchise recruitment strategy and the supporting franchise recruitment material required within the franchise recruitment process.
Phase 4
Franchise Support
Provides ongoing support and guidance once you have recruited franchisees including recruitment and training of your Head Office franchise support staff.
Phase 5
Franchise Exit Strategies
Provides advice on how to sell your franchise business as well as advice to franchisees within your network looking to sell.


Business Options provides a complete range of services covering all the 5 Phases of Franchising ™.

Phase 1 - Franchise Development Model

  • Assessing the viability of franchising your business
  • Creating your franchise development model

Phase 2 - Infrastructure Development

  • Reviewing your existing systems and processes to ensure they are suitable for running a franchise network
  • Facilitating the development of the franchise legal documents you will require
  • Providing advice and guidance on Trade Marking your business
  • Creating detailed Franchise Operations Manuals
  • Producing detailed Territory Maps for your franchisees
  • Creating franchisee training programmes

Phase 3 - Franchisee Recruitment

  • Developing franchisee recruitment strategies using a mix of franchise and non-franchise media
  • Creating the suite of franchise recruitment documents and brochures used in the recruitment process
  • Providing advice on franchisee profiling and interviewing
  • Creating franchisee business plans
  • Securing funding for your franchisees

Phase 4 - Franchise Support

  • Providing ongoing franchise support and advice to help you successfully manage your franchise network
  • Developing job descriptions for your franchise support staff and assisting in their recruitment
  • Providing training to your franchise support staff to ensure effective management of your franchise network
  • Developing and co-ordinating franchisee network meetings and conferences

Phase 5 - Franchise Exit Strategies

  • Developing and implementing exit strategies for you as the franchisor
  • Developing and implementing exit strategies for your franchisees


As a specialist franchise consultancy accredited by both the British Franchise Association and the Irish Franchise Association, we have the skills and experience to develop successful franchise businesses. At Business Options we understand that each and every business is unique and therefore we do not shoe horn your business into a predetermined franchise model. All our services are uniquely tailored to meet and fit the individuality of each business we work with.


At Business Options we understand that not all businesses have the same requirements. Therefore, to reflect the individual nature of our clients' needs we offer the Business Options Flexible Service Package. This allows the client to choose which services they would like Business Options to be involved with and which elements they would like to do themselves. This ensures that the client is only contracted for the service they want, when they want it and pay only for the services they need. Where clients wish Business Options to undertake large parts or all of their franchise development, we offer the Business Options "Discounted - Total Franchise Package".

If you would like to find out if franchising is the right way to expand your business and how Business Options can help you contact Business Options on or telephone 01420 550890

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